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CCR Spotlight: Meet Daniel Persson, Forestry Superintendent

Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation (CCR) has been undergoing fantastic growth in the past few years. This has included the addition of projects and team members. We are thrilled to welcome Daniel Persson as the newest member of the CCR team, taking on the role of Forestry Superintendent.

Coming to Canada from a remote community in Sweden where forestry was a focus, Daniel's own journey into forestry began at a young age, working as a tree planter and feller. His passion for the field led him to pursue a Master's degree in forest science, and soon after he felt the need for larger challenges.

“I have always dreamt of working in British Columbia, where forestry is on another scale, with larger areas and bigger challenges. So, I went on a mission to come to B.C. almost 10 years ago; the rest is history, and here I am today,” said Daniel.

Daniel's unique journey in North America began with a 4,339-km trek on a pedal bike with his wife, starting at Mexico's border in New Mexico, USA, following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and culminating in Banff, Alberta. His transition from being a forester in Sweden to navigating the intricacies of British Columbia's forestry has been a steep learning curve for him. However, since arriving, Daniel has found his calling and a sense of purpose in improving forest management in the region.

“CCR is an organization that gives me the support and trust I need to embrace my role in being part of that change in B.C.,” said Daniel.

As Forestry Superintendent for CCR, Daniel plays a pivotal role in overseeing various aspects, from strategic planning to environmental considerations, reforestation, and wildfire hazard reduction. CCR's values deeply resonate with Daniel's vision for his forestry career. As a joint venture equally owned by the Tl’etinqox Government and the Tŝideldel First Nation, CCR focuses on large-scale forestry rehabilitation programs, aligning perfectly with Daniel's desire to directly impact forest management.

“My position is very hectic, but I also have a ton of fun doing what I am doing, meeting and working with a diverse range of leaders, professionals, and experts working on challenges and often towards common goals,” Daniel added.

Reflecting on the devastating wildfires of 2023, Daniel highlights the urgent need for proactive measures in managing forests.

“It is scary. The trends we are seeing and the amount of fuel still left on the landscape, it feels like we need to do more to prevent it from happening again. Even the burnt areas are subject to burn again due to the number of dead trees and fuels the catastrophic wildfires leave behind,” added Daniel.

For Daniel and CCR, the objective is clear: mitigate the wildfire risks to better protect communities and generate employment opportunities in areas where jobs are scarce.

“I would like to express appreciation for the support I am getting from our leadership team, and also the support CCR is seeing from our industry and government partners that make it possible to start the change towards better forest management and invest towards a sustainable future,” concluded Daniel.

Connect with Daniel: and visit our website for more news stories from CCR.


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