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Douglas-Fir Rehabilitation

We have rehabilitated 9,000+ hectares of burned Douglas Fir and Pine stands, and have planted over 7 million seedlings over three years.

Initial CCR proposal was after the 2017 fires. However, field work was delayed to allow licensees the opportunity for economical fiber recovery as well as to allow for germinates to start showing up.

Initial Plan was to recover some fiber that was deemed uneconomical and reforest burned Douglas-fir stands. However, due to MDWR and VQO constraints that arose economical opportunities were exhausted there was little opportunity for fiber recovery.

This meant overstory retention which turned out to be beneficial as it helped regenerate un-salvaged sites to predominately Douglas-fir once again. The overstory structure and underplanting also helped protect planted seedlings and natural ingress from drought, wind and frost.

60 Fdi 1-250-392-7802B PSB seedlings were planted in May of 2019 to be able to look at survival and performance during 2019 and 2020, prior to planting the site in 2021, through donation from Tolko Industries.

Heavy cattle use was seen and some seedlings trampled, but overall, the seedlings saw great survival (weather was an anomaly in 2021, so survival has been better than anticipated during a “normal” year).

CCR has planned to recce ~9000ha of burned Douglas-fir stands and plant 6,000,000 seedlings over two years, more if needed and if funding is available.

So far, we have recce’d ~5,000ha and have found ~2500ha of area that requires reforestation

While the remaining area may require future reforestation, it is not a priority as there are current germs and potential for natural regeneration.

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